Sydney Dy Pools

Sydney is home to beautiful beaches, but it also has its fair share of secluded rock pools that are perfect for exercising and relaxing. These hidden pools are known as the city’s ‘natural lungs’, and both locals and tourists alike love to visit them when they’re in need of some sunshine and some peace and quiet.

There’s nothing quite like swimming in a pool that feels like you are swimming in your own personal slice of paradise. These hidden gems are a great alternative to overcrowded beaches and can be found all over the Sydney region, including at popular destinations such as Bondi Beach.

But while sdy pools have become a beloved feature of the Sydney coastline, they are not without their controversy. Earlier this year, a major pool company collapsed, leaving dozens of clients with unfinished pools and piles of dirt in their backyards. The company, Scenic Pools, described itself as a fibreglass pool building business that was all about ’complete transparency’, but customers say they were not given an accurate timeline for when their pools would be completed.

Scenic Pools was founded in 2015 and had more than 300 customers, many of whom had paid a deposit. One client, Tony, from North Curl Curl on Sydney’s northern beaches, signed a contract in May last year and work began in his backyard in January this year. But by April, he was still waiting for his pool to be finished. He said he kept receiving emails from the company apologising for the delays and blaming everything from family drama to staff shortages.

Another customer, Rakesh Goel from Kellyville in Sydney’s northwest, had paid $64,000 all up for his pool in April – 98 per cent of the total price – but said it felt as though they were rushing him to hand over the money. ‘It was very stressful,’ he told the BBC. ‘It was a bit of a rip-off and there was no clear time frame for when the pool would be completed.’

In recent years, Sydney Water has begun to improve water quality at a number of sdy pools in the city, and there are plans to build more of them. The pop-up pool in Prospect, which features two pools and ping-pong tables, could be the first of its kind in Western Sydney if it is successful.

The city has also invested in an urban plunge project to make the most of its waterfront, and the new sites are expected to be a hit with swimmers. The pools are designed to be open all day and include a splash pad for toddlers, an exercise pool and an outdoor lounge area.

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